Dangers with some Carnival costumes for children

Dangers with some Carnival costumes for children

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Carnival is an ideal date to take the children's costumes out of the closet and thus enjoy the holidays, however, in doing so, many times we have no choice but to exclaim: Oh, oh, it is too small

Children grow up so fast that costumes from one year are not valid for the next, so many times we go to any store to buy a last minute costume. Be careful with this emergency solution as it may pose unnecessary risks for children.

Whether we buy the costume at the last minute, or if we make it at home or it is inherited from a cousin or friend, we must Pay attention to the details to avoid involving risks for our children:

- It is very important to look at the product label to check where it was manufactured, its size, if it is approved and if the material with which it is made it is not flammable.

- Beware of masks and masks for Carnival, especially those that cover the child's head completely. It is essential to verify that they can breathe correctly and that they have holes that allow air to enter through the nose and mouth.

- Wigs must also bear a label and must be made of non-flammable or low-combustible materials.

- It must not contain small parts that can come off and the child to ingest them causing his choking or suffocation.

- Children's costumes must not have cutting elements or that have tips that can cause injury.

- Make-up must be suitable for the delicate skin of children and specific for this purpose, we should not use those of adults with them and also, it is advisable to check the expiration date of the product.

The danger that the child can suffer when the costume is not safe deserves that we pay attention to all these details and, in any case, invest a little more money in acquiring a safe product for our children.

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