The deer and the fawn. Classic fable for children

The deer and the fawn. Classic fable for children

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Fear is a deeply rooted feeling in humans and animals, and sometimes incomprehensible.

Children are often fearful without knowing why, and reasons that we give to justify that they should not be, are useless when they carry being like that in their person. Being fearful is a symptom of natural protection, and many times something impossible to avoid and control.

With the classic fable for children by Aesop The deer and the fawn, we can explain to the child through the example how sometimes being fearful cannot be avoided.

One day, a fawn to a deer:

- Father, you are older and faster than the dogs And, in addition, you have magnificent horns to defend yourself; Why do you run away from them?

The deer, laughing, replied:

- You're right, my son, but I don't know what happens to me; as soon as I hear a dog barking, I immediately run away.

Moral: The most compelling reasons are sometimes not enough to change a fearful mood.

Find out if your child has understood Aesop's fable The deer and the fawn asking these simple reading comprehension questions.

Reading comprehension is a basic step for the child to learn to enjoy reading.

- Why should the deer not be afraid of dogs?

- Why, however, was he afraid of dogs?

- Do you think he could control his fear?

- Do you have any kind of fear that you cannot control?

- Did I give the reasons why you have that fear?

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