How to avoid bullying in children

How to avoid bullying in children

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All parents in the world want our children to be happy above all else, and to achieve this, we must first take into account not only their academic education but also their emotional education.

Teaching children to know how to be, how to do and how to feel is essential so that they can develop as successful, assertive, empathetic and above all tolerant adults. It is important that children do not feel superior to the center, so we give you guidelines on how toAvoid arrogance in children.

When we speak of arrogance we are talking about the person or child who imposes his power or his authority on others to obtain profit or own benefit. It is common for arrogance is accompanied by arrogance or arrogance since the person or child in question has an excessive value of himself and feels superior to others and for this reason he will impose himself on others by force because he feels that others must submit to his will.

In the case of arrogant children, they don't know they are being arrogant Although this is the attitude, that is why the role of parents is extremely important to be able to change this behavior for a more appropriate one.

Normally a child with arrogance is a child who acts aggressively to get what he wants without caring about others since they think that others have to obey his wishes.

- When the child presents aggressive behaviors to impose his will, it is essential that the parents help the child to make decisions but learning to control their aggressiveness and their desire to prevail over others. This must be done from understanding, affection and above all avoiding negative labels or bad answers.

- Violence (neither physical nor verbal) must never be used to stop violence because the only thing that is achieved is the opposite effect and the child would only learn that violence is the appropriate behavior to resolve conflicts.

- When a child with arrogance is marked with limits and norms, education is likely to kick and resist at first since he will be used to behaving as he wants, but eIt is fundamental the firmness of the parents and the union towards education leaving improvisation aside.

- In addition, when the child behaves appropriately, it will be necessary to reward him in the form of praise and affection so that he sees and understands the importance of good behavior for parents and for society in general because when he behaves well he will receive good things (emotionally speaking ) by the environment.

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