Dietary advice for the low defense child

Dietary advice for the low defense child

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It is frequent that during a long illness or a continuous treatment the defenses lower. Likewise, there are times of the year or of life when we are more vulnerable to viruses and diseases, so it is interesting to know that a good diet is a great ally in providing energy, and in enhancing and renewing our body.

Therefore, we provide you with some dietary advice that has been published by Afanion (Association of Families of Children with Cancer of Castilla la Mancha) that will help us, fundamentally, to prevent infections by viruses, bacteria or fungi, while the body's natural defenses are restored thanks to a varied and healthy dietand.

These tips are part of the child's care during cancer treatment, but, without a doubt, they are applicable to all those circumstances that require a recovery, without risks.

- It is preferable to consume cooked food raw. For example, it would be better to offer a vegetable puree to a salad.

- Eat peeled fruit: bananas, tangerines, etc. Avoid, therefore, those that are difficult to wash or those that are eaten with skin.

- If we eat processed or industrialized foods, they have to respond to strict microbiological control: juices, ice cream, milk, etc.

- Drink preferably fruit juices and packaged vegetables.

- Temporarily eliminate from the diet: cold cuts, fresh cheese, blue cheese or Roquefort, or raw eggs.

- Avoid confectionery creams or creams, present in many sweets.

- Cook and dress with olive oil.

- Before preparing food or during handling, keep the clean hands and containers. Also, wash your hands before eating.

- The use of the pressure cooker or pressure cooker is highly recommended as it sterilizes the food.

- Do not share glasses or cutlery.

- Avoid contamination due to poor food preservation.

These same recommendations can be used for pregnant women, especially those who are not immune to toxoplasmosis. Others, such as avoiding contact with sick people, caring for and cleaning animals or correct hygiene habits can also help us.

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