How to stimulate children with Down syndrome

How to stimulate children with Down syndrome

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Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21 and is characterized by the presence of a variable degree of cognitive disability and peculiar physical features that give it a recognizable appearance. That is, it is the result of a chromosomal alteration, produced in the fertilization process, which gives rise to the presence of an extra chromosome of pair 21 in all cells of the body.

But, How does Down Syndrome affect children? Will it affect your social skills? We explain it to you.

This chromosomal alteration has no relation to race, socioeconomic status or environmental problems, only a known possible risk factor is the woman's age.

However, this genetic variation can lead to regularities in the child's functional development such as: a certain cognitive delay, lack of attention, concentration, memory, slow learning, difficulties in verbal imitation ... Aspects that vary according to the person and their development.

From the first years of life, the environment of the minor does come into play. Once the child's evolution towards their integral growth begins, the stimulation of the child must be reinforced from the first moment. That is, it is convenient expose the little one to stimuli that attract their attention and its manipulation, like one more child.

Addressing the difficulty of attention that they present in some cases, we can reinforce it with the attachment that is forged with the person closest to the child. An attachment that can generate positive and negative connotations. The former because they facilitate access to stimuli that capture their attention, such as shared play between the child and the adult.

With joint activities, such as playing ball or playing construction games, we are favoring manipulation, coordination and your attention, factors also extendable to later facilitate the realization of activities of daily life, an aspect where difficulties appear in their learning.

But on the other hand, excessive attachment can limit their social relationships, in which, in general, they already have difficulties due to the factors mentioned above. So it is favorable to apply a collective game with children of the same age, with and without disabilities; thus promoting community and collaborative learning that will improve their development in relation to these social skills.

As we can see, the development of a child with Down syndrome does not go that far of the infantile reality of a child without disabilities. We just have to take into account that the progression of their skills, both motor and intellectual, may have a slower course than what is known as standard.

However, this should not limit his childhood and social evolution, since he is just another child, with the innocence of a little discoverer driven by innate curiosity, which generates multiple skills that can lead him to develop an autonomous and independent life. like any person.

We just have to generate the opportune and inclusive spaces, as well as an adequacy of resources that facilitate progress equivalent to each stage of development but, at the same time, adjusted to their needs. We must not forget that behind a disability there is always a person, willing to fight to be one more and making use of human rights that are sometimes relegated by prioritizing disability before the person.

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