Being a father, has your life changed?

Being a father, has your life changed?

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Parenthood is a life transformation, generally of one's own free will. Having a child changes your mindset, daily routine, spending priorities and even the way you manage your free time. Now being a father is the result of personal maturation and evolution, but when you face the reality of your previous life, it seems that time has stopped.

That is why, when one day you go out to dinner with your friends, who still do not have children, the conversations can turn into insufferable moments of going off-hook. And is that when you have children, it is difficult to talk about the latest film premiere of the moment if Pocoyo or Rango is not out. And if what it is about is to tell your experience traveling beyond our borders, it is necessary to go back almost to the last century, because lately life is limited to the park, the supermarket and the nursery school.

And that makes you think of them, of your old friends, with whom you have laughed so much and shared so many things. However, now it is as if they have been on another planet for a while and when you see them it seems that they have not evolved and are anchored in the past. Or was it us? I am surprised to see them talking about the same old things, without the slightest intention of participating in new topics related to childhood.

Speaking of children with them we look like weirdos. They have not experienced the feeling of parenthood and are not on the cutting edge of absorbent diapers, snot syrups, teaching systems in nursery schools or parenting school discussion topics.

But, friends, everything comes! The International Day of Life is celebrated and parents are special protagonists for having made our decision to have created life come true, through our children. And for you, how has parenthood changed your life? Has being a father made you happier? It was worth it? Tell us through our official page on Facebook.

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