10 ideas to choose your baby's name

10 ideas to choose your baby's name

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When a couple is expecting a baby, they not only have 40 weeks of discoveries, emotions, worry and doubts ahead of them. They also have to make a lot of decisions about the baby on the way: which crib to buy, how to decorate their room, who will be their godparents if they are baptized, choose the stroller and of course think of baby's name.

Many couples hesitate until the end, others are clear from the beginning and others find it difficult to agree. We give you 10 ideas to choose your baby's name.

Name a child It is not an easy task, after all, it will be your flag throughout your life. Many times parents want the child to be able to reflect his personality in his name, so the name will mark him for life. Some prefer to look for the names among those of the saints or inspired by nature, or by the stars, or even in Greek mythology. But if you are expecting a baby and you are still not sure what name to give it, here we leave you 10 ideas to choose your baby's name.

1- Buy a name book to assess all the options regarding the baby's name.

2- Look for a name according to its origin, history and meaning. Some parents like names of a certain origin, be it Hebrew, Arabic or medieval.

3- You can put the baby on name of a dear relative for you or a friend who is special.

4- Many parents decide that their child inherits in addition to his genes, his name.

5- Taking into account the surnames that the baby carries is important to avoid strange puns.

6- One option is to choose two names that rhyme or combine with each other.

7- You can be guided by the lists of most frequent or popular names that are published every year.

8- Some parents follow the naming calendar to name their child after the saint of the day they were born

9- The most mythomaniacal parents prefer to name their child after some famous character who have done something important or are simply followers

10- If your partner and you do not agree, you can ask ideas to family and friends to find out what their favorite names are.

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