What is the 'Slow' trend to enjoy the family more intensely

What is the 'Slow' trend to enjoy the family more intensely

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Do you know what the Slow Life trend is among families? 'Slow': said of the tendency to LIVE in a conscious, calm, slow and intense way. Do you dare to practice it?

We propose a series of activities that, practiced in families and every day, will result in a slower way of family life. We explain what the 'Slow' trend consists of to enjoy the family in a calm and conscious way.

Our goal will be to live slowly, which does not prevent us from living intensely. !EYE! Nobody said it was simple ... however, we are going to try to make the weeks full of activities behind us to feel that we occupy our time and that we are "living" that way.

Here I propose a series of practices that will help you enjoy the quality of life in your day to day, both your personal and family, and not from the amount of actions that you think you regret living intensely.

Adopt these activities to your true family environment and to the ages of your children, and do not hesitate ... Try them!

  1. Exercise 1. Turn off the home Wi-Fi at a specific time. At a certain point, we will not have the technology to communicate. We will take the opportunity to read, do some pleasant activity, or to have a good conversation.
  2. Exercise 2. Leave the mobile phones for 2 hours, in a certain place to enjoy each other. Choose what time is the most appropriate to carry this technological communication cut.
  3. Exercise 3. Eat one meal a day, consciously. In silence and savoring what you eat. If it cannot be done for the entire duration of the meal, at least 15 minutes of it.
  4. Exercise 4. When getting up, do some stretching or breathing exercises together, 5 minutes may be enough. You will face the day with a more special energy and your body will thank you.
  5. Exercise 5. Take advantage of a time each day of the week or during the weekend, to take a conscious walk. Going for a walk on the beach, the park or nature, so that you feel each step you take. Smell, feel, taste, touch ... what the path brings you will make you feel alive in a special way.
  6. Exercise 6. Express your emotions. Try to practice Assertiveness. Assertive people do not impose, but negotiate what they want. Don't wait to be a "pressure cooker" to release what you want to express.
  7. Exercise 7. At the end of the day, dedicate some time to appreciation. Take the opportunity to thank you for the best that happened to you in the day, or simply, to become aware of how lucky you are to have the family you have.

The practice of a 'Slow' philosophy of life also involves appreciating what you have and not in getting frustrated by what you don't have. In addition, it is important that you do not want to do everything at once, prioritize these dynamics and carry them out little by little or otherwise, your family may feel forced to do something they do not want.

Of course, all these exercises and this way of living will have a positive impact on you and your family, but don't believe me… try practicing them and then tell me!

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