Compatibility of Capricorn mothers with their Sagittarius daughters

Compatibility of Capricorn mothers with their Sagittarius daughters

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Capricorn mothers are home lovers and traditions, that is why they tend to form quiet homes where their children can develop their full potential.

Sagittarius daughters are girls with a curious spirit. A fire sign, under the dominance of Saturn, planet of fortune and energy in its purest form.

Do you think they will have a good relationship between mother and daughter?

If you want to know the Compatibility of Capricorn mothers with their Sagittarius daughters, do not stop reading this article.

Mothers of the Capricorn sign are realistic women, who seek and offer security, and who like to form a stable home and have his family together.

They are working women who pursue a goal concrete and that they do not stop until they get it, and that is a nuance that they will try to instill in their children.

She is a tenacious and patient woman with her children, a dedicated mother who will give up everything to encourage her children and support them to achieve their goals.

They are lovers of responsibility and respect, that they don't usually have many children since they care too much about them. They are too harsh in their rules, inflexible and a little headstrong.

Girls born under the Sagittarius sign are girls full of energy, since the planet Jupiter is a powerful planet that drives its children to energy, conquests and spirituality.

The form that represents it is a centaur, half man, half animal, and this is the character of the Sagittarius girl. Her animal part leads her to flee from civilization, to be revolutionary, ardent and even fanatical; However, his human part seeks the truth above all else, and fills it with spirituality with philosophical touches.

If they are not educated well they can fall into arroganceAs they can be very presumptuous, impertinent and skeptical girls.

His fighting spirit makes him like conquests, is tireless and adventurous, although it is difficult for him to accept criticism.

They are very sensitive to flattery and love to learn new things.

Although they have many points in common such as fighting spirit, the tireless pursuit of goals, and love for family, the truth is that these same points make mother and daughter have many confrontations.

Sagittarius daughters like to dominate in the family, and at that point he will collide with his mother, who also likes to take the reins of the family. Mother and daughter will fight for leadership, but it will be inevitable that the Capricorn mother will end up winning that battle, but be careful! because Sagittarius daughters do not tolerate betrayal, and their high sensitivity can cause them to withdraw from the family so as not to feel hurt.

Capricorn mothers shouldn't be so demanding with them as they are with themselves, if they do not want to destroy the positive points of their character.

Sagittarius girls are girls impulsive, and it will be good to control and focus your excessive energy on sports or outdoor games.

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