Maternity leave in the United States

Maternity leave in the United States

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The maternity leave in the United States is one of the most controversial points, since one of the five countries in the world that does not assume the salary of the working mother during the period of maternity leave, together with Lesotho and Swaziland in Africa and Papua New Guinea and Australia in Oceania.

The State of California is the exception that confirms the rule, but while other States are considering joining the cause, there are some in which the right to temporary disability during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum is not even included. Find out what maternity leave is like in the United States.

Being a working mom in the United States seems complicated because of the number of obstacles that they have against them, on a path that should make life easier for mothers.

It has recently been approved the ‘Family and Medical Leave Act’ by which the right to rest for 12 weeks is collected, but only if the company to which the mother belongs has more than 50 employees, and even then she will not receive any salary from the State.

Thus, working mothers in the United States are forced to resort to different casualties and vacation periods to meet your needs as a mother and to be able to enjoy the first weeks of the newborn. You can opt for temporary disability leave to benefit from 6 weeks with pay, sick leave or paid vacations.

If the state authorizes the disability leave, a small amount may be deducted from your salary to cover part of the disability coverage. If your employer or union offers it, the cost may be covered by them. And if there is no one to cover the disability, or if the coverage is insufficient, you can purchase your own policy or additional coverage through an insurance company. Yes indeed, you will have to pay a monthly fee. Private coverage through your employer or an insurance company generally contributes 50 to 100 percent of salary for a certain number of weeks, depending on how many years you've been with the company.

Maternity leave, according to federal law, must be processed at least one month before it begins, but the new situation must be communicated to the employer as soon as possible so that it has time to organize the new situation.

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