“Tras, el abismo.” An optimistic tale for parents of children with disabilities

“Tras, el abismo.” An optimistic tale for parents of children with disabilities

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It's not easy to be parent of a disabled child. But is it easy to just be a parent? No one has taught us to be able to face the challenges of the day to day in a home with children with disabilities, and it is often very common to see a family fall apart due to not knowing how to take a break in the middle of the road.

This story is written for all those families who need breathe and reflect about how necessary vacations are. Is a optimistic tale for children with disabilities.

“After, it was an abyss. Yes, you read it right. An impressive abyss.

Maybe a creepy cliff, or perhaps a huge waterfall.

But Tras, he liked to think of himself that it was just that, an abyss.

Nobody had given him a choice. They always told him “you have to see, being an abyss has to be complicated, huh, Tras? And Tras, the abyss, always said the same thing: “we all have our own thing, nobody could choose”. So at that time, Sky Blue and Earth Dust they agreed: "it's true, we never choose to be earth or heaven."

But when Tras, the abyss, looked into his loneliness down he trembled in himself. He was only thinking about the number of meters and meters between him and Dirt Dust. He was terrified to think of how high he was and how scared he was that he might fall.

So in those moments he liked to look up at Sky Blue and think that it might be a bird flying across that huge movie screen. However, Tras, the abyss, also did not get to be happy or feel sure of himself when he looked towards Sky Blue and left his own abyss behind.

- And why has I been so close to an abyss? - Tras said. And despite the encouragement he received from the people, I did not know how to feel differentBecause Tras always felt the same: trembling, dread, and cold sweats.

So one day he broke down crying so much, that rocks and rocks began to fall from the center of the abyss, and Tras, discovered that behind himself, there was a huge heart, strong and full of optimism. That looking down was of no use when it came to feeling sorry for oneself, and that yearning to be Sky Blue was not the best option either when even the skies have gray days, full of pessimism.

Behind the abyss there is not always emptiness. Sometimes there is a strong, bright heart like Tras's. That illuminates everything that seems dark and makes you continue to be proud of who you are.

Especially when someone could fall into the abyss, and it is you, Tras, who holds him tightly to tell him: "don't look at Dust of earth, look at Sky Blue, and just fly"

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