How to draw a shark drawing step by step

We teach you to make fun drawings of marine animals to color later with the children. You can print, color and cut out the picture or use it to learn the names of the kinds of animals that live in the sea.

We explain how to make, step by step, a drawing of a shark. Follow the steps to learn how to draw this shark that you can later color with your children. You can also print this drawing for free to paint with children. Click HERE and go coloring!

Would you like to learn how to draw a shark? Do you want to teach your child how to do it? Don't miss our directions. We tell you how to make, step by step, a fun shark:

1. On a white card, draw the shape of the shark's body with a thick black marker.

2. Add the eyes and the dorsal fin at the back.

3. Complete the body with the rest of the fins. Draw them as little triangles.

4. Add shark teeth and some bubbles.

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