The legend of the rainbow goblin. Short legend for kids

Here you have one of the irish legends oldest there is, that of the rainbow goblin. Have you ever heard the story that at the end of the rainbow there is a pot full of gold coins?

'The rainbow goblin' It is a very old European story, full of mystery and magic. Ideal to tell it to children and stimulate their curiosity and imagination.

Do you know what a goblin is? Did you ever see one? Legend has it, that just where heaven meets earth, sometimes very small characters appear that are called elves. The goblins are characterized by carrying a pot full of gold, but they are usually invisible to the eyes of humans. The only way to see them is when a rainbow appears, as it is a bridge between heaven and earth.

These goblins, with red beards, a hat and green clothing, are said to be located at the end of the rainbow and are very intelligent and elusive. They are known as Leprechaun and despite their size, they look old. Many say they have found them, but with the slightest carelessness they disappear.

It is also said that the only way to capture them is staring at them and tying their right foot with a thick rope. The goblin, in his desperation for freedom offers his pot full of gold to his captor. Although this is not as easy as it sounds.

According to this legend, goblins are experts in mischief and deception. It will distract you, and at the first blink of the observer, it will disappear with the gold coins.

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