Stimulation exercises for the baby from 7 to 12 months

Stimulation exercises for the baby from 7 to 12 months

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The stimulation exercises they represent a sequence of scientifically organized activities that allows parents to know how to stimulate the development of their children. Developing stimulation activities is easy for parents, since it is only necessary to have some existing resources at home.

Here you have a fantastic selection of stimulation exercises for your baby from 7 to 12 months.

Stimulation exercises consist of offering the child activities that facilitate the development of their biological potentials, their abilities and their abilities. The essence of stimulation exercises for babies from 7 to 12 months is to provide a varied, harmonious environment rich in stimuli of all kinds.

The proposed stimulation exercises help the child to know the environment around him and to develop their motor, sensory and cognitive skills. Performing these stimulation exercises also helps to increase the baby's language vocabulary, to socialize and to gain autonomy and independence. Stimulation activities should always take place in a quiet, hygienic, ventilated and well-lit environment.

The materials used are toys and objects for daily use of the baby, which must have bright colors and be attractive to the baby, washable, resistant, easy to handle and not dangerous to handle.

1. Stimulation exercises for 7-month-old babies:

- Play the wheelbarrow with the baby, holding him by the body and letting him walk with his hands

- Play with puppets to get their attention and make them follow the doll

- Place the baby on his back and put a blanket underneath so that you can turn him over and learn to roll over

- Play the wheelie with him on your knees

- Cover yourself with a little sheet so that the baby will take it off to see you (cu-cu…. After !!)

2. Stimulation exercises for babies8 months:

- Play with different toys that emit music or musical instruments

- Hide his favorite toy under a cloth so that he can discover it by removing the cloth alone

- Help him with the crawling by placing him in four places (on all fours) and under his body a towel to give him more support when starting to crawl

- Create your toys by tying rattles or teethers to a string

- Saying no when you don't want him to do something and shaking his head will help him understand the meaning of NO

- Encourage him to move around (pregate) by putting toys around him so that he moves until he reaches them.

- He will love soap bubbles and you can play to blow bubbles and explode them with one hand, with one foot ..

3. Stimulation exercises for babies9 months:

- Play with fine papers such as silk and tear them together, when you finish you can keep them in a box between the two of you, singing the song (to keep, to keep, everything in its place; without breaking, without strips, that tomorrow we have to play)

- They will love a wooden xylophone so that with the help of the baton it emits different sounds

4. Stimulation exercises for babies10 months:

- Play with your baby with different textures such as flour, water, shaving foam ... let him explore his diapers

- With boxes or a kitchen strainer, cover a toy so that he discovers it

- Let him crawl exploring his surroundings

5. Stimulation exercises for babies11 months:

- You will love the sandbox to hide little animals and then find them

- Put obstacles like cushions or towels so that he has to crawl over it

- Sing songs with him related to transport, animals, body parts; emitting sounds

6. Stimulation exercises for babies12 months:

- Put balls in a bottle, teach him to take them out and put them in, each time you can complicate it more. We will start with boxes and we will complicate it by looking for bottles or boxes with a narrower neck

- He will enjoy watching stories with you and making sounds of animals or transport

- He will love to enjoy playing time with a child his age

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