How to end the role of 'bad boy' of the house

How to end the role of 'bad boy' of the house

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'He's a piece', 'a junk', 'he always gets into trouble', 'bad boy', 'he's very troublesome' ... When at home one of your children is more mischievous, restless, curious and temperamental, they he usually wins a series of labels that accompany him wherever he goes.

You are wanting him to change his behavior, not to do tricks wherever he goes, and you don't know what to do. Let's discuss how to end the 'bad boy' role in the house.

You may have two or more children but one of them stands out above the others because he is a true troublemaker. You can't stop looking at him for a second because he's trying to jump from the bunk at the least, he's throwing toys out the window, putting his hand in the toilet or having fun making a mural with crayons on the wall of the room. Come on, what comes to be a piece, an element of the first division, the black sheep, a junk like the top of a pine ... For those colors.

Why does he behave like this? What do we do wrong? Sometimes it is just that the child is more active than your other children, perhaps he is going through a difficult stage of adaptation, he may not know how to control his emotions well or that he is trying to attract attention for something. And in this process, there is no escape, he has earned the label of 'bad boy' and, if we do not redirect the situation, he will be trapped in it until he truly believes it and assumes the role they expect of him: to be bad.

Why we must end the role of bad boy at home is clear: he will assume it, he will believe it and he will act as such because he is what others hope him to be: bad. Now let's tackle the next question, how to end the black sheep role of the child.

- What's wrong ?: is the first approach that we must make, it is not often that a child is bad for the simple pleasure of being bad. Behind his behavior there is a desperate call, be it for attention, a demand for affection, a feeling of jealousy ... If the child feels listened to and cared for, instead of being the center of criticism, yelling and punishment , you will find the solutions to the child's bad behavior.

- Do not compare your children: phrases like 'see, Juanito has done great and you have behaved terrible again'. Parents think that if we compare one brother with another, he will serve as an example to behave better on another occasion and that is a huge mistake. It doesn't work like that, comparisons take their toll on the child, hurt and make him think that he can never be as good and loved as his brother.

- Show affection and affection: Yes, it is difficult to react with a caress and a smile when you find the white armchair in the living room painted with all the colors of the rainbow, but when you breathe and calm down, approach your child and show him love. Research and experts in child psychology and pedagogy tell us that children who receive more affection are less aggressive, while those who receive more yelling, slapping or verbal violence tend to react to others in this way.

- Highlight the qualities of the child: Surely he is not just a 'bad boy', perhaps he is also very creative, funny, affectionate ... It would not be good or fair if the only quality of the child was to be bad. He positively reinforces all those cool characteristics that are also part of his being.

- Don't blame him for everything: When one of the children is more mischievous than the others, they usually get a scolding for what he does, what his brother does and, if it is upset, the neighbor of the fifth. Do not always look for the same culprit and think that when a child gets into trouble, others may also be involved.

- Prepare an incentive chart: a good tool to change bad behaviors and reinforce positive ones.

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