The danger of sharing children's back-to-school photos

The danger of sharing children's back-to-school photos

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Before social networks and the internet are flooded with photographs of schoolboys on their first day of class, the authorities of many countries have issued a warning to all parents: be careful with the photos of children that are shared on social media.

It may seem obvious to us, or on the contrary, too alarmist. But the fact is that we make numerous mistakes on the first day of school and this is one of the most common. Find out what is the danger of sharing photos of the children's back to school.

The truth is that it is quite a temptation ... they are so handsome on their first day of school! That we want everyone to see them. So we start to immortalize the moment with our mobile: a photo when leaving home ... another photo at the entrance of the school. Of course, the photos of the reunion with friends. And of course... Aren't we going to share all these wonderful moments? Yes if they are shared privately with someone in particular, and No if it is done through social media accounts to which everyone also has access.

The authorities of different countries they warn about the danger of sharing photographs of the children back to school. For you it can be an innocent and funny photo. For others, a passport full of very valuable information about a possible victim.

The first to alert have been the Federal Police officers of Mexico, since Mexican children are the first to start the school year. The message to parents is as follows:

'As authorities we are obliged to alert the population of the dangers of social networks and how we facilitate the work of kidnappers, traffickers, in short, any type of perpetrator and this type of publications at the beginning of school is what criminals most expect to choose their victims'

'Let's get rid of the idea of ​​publishing up to where we are in real time, crime never rests and when we least think about it we can lose what we love the most in life '

True, if we take into account that the photographs of our children can actually provide all this information:

- Years of the child.

- Physical of the child.

- Place of residence. Street, portal.

- Name of the child (if the clothes, school supplies or backpack are marked).

- Name of the school where the child goes.

- Time of entry to school.

- What uniform is the boy wearing.

- If there is a lot or little crowd of people when entering the school.

- If there are teachers guarding the entrance to the school.

- What establishments are around the school.

- The child's main trusted persons.

- Who are the child's friends.

Imagine how much information for someone looking for a kidnapping victim among children. Too much, don't you think?

And of course there is the other reason, which we very rarely think about: Why make public the private life of our children when they have not given us permission nor are they aware of what it means? This data is enough: more than 90% of children under 2 years of age in the United States already have a profile or digital identity. There it is for reflection.

It does not mean that we cannot take pictures on the first day of school. How can we not immortalize that moment? It means that we should be careful and remember some tips when we go to take a picture:

- Do not take pictures next to a street sign or the portal of the house in the background.

- Make sure that none of the photographs has a distinctive symbol of the school your child attends (such as a shield that is not a symbol of the school).

- Do not take pictures of objects where the child's name can be read.

- Do not share photographs of your child with other children from whom you did not ask permission (neither from them nor from their parents).

- Do not show photographs at the entrance of the school where the name of the school can be seen.

- Try to share photos of your child only in spaces where you have activated a privacy shield so that only people very close to you can see the photos to whom you authorized access to your social networks.

And don't forget that photographs leave a trace. You may not be aware, but once you surf the internet, it is there forever. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious, and when in doubt, Better keep the memory for ourselves

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