Anna, the girl with the eyes of fire. Children's tale about tolerance

Anna, the girl with the eyes of fire. Children's tale about tolerance

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Stories are great for teaching children certain values. For example, you have this short story of 'Anna, the girl with the eyes of fire'. It is a peculiar story about a girl with 'strange' powers.

Will the rest of the class be able to appreciate these differences? Find out by reading this interesting children's story about tolerance.

Anna's whole family told him he had a gift. But she, more than a gift, thought she had a problem. And it is that, everything that looked was heated. Even if he stopped his gaze for a long time on an object, it would end up burning. His eyes were spitting fire. It had been that way from birth. Her mother told her that three days after she was born she saw a fairy perched on her crib and since then her eyes had become special.

Anna had few friends, since when they played with her they ended up being very hot. In summer, if he looked at the pool, his water heated up and his friends couldn't cool off in it. When they went out on their bikes in the afternoons and she was there, they were all soon exhausted by the heat and although they sought to walk under the shade of the trees, it seemed to burn. However, in winter everyone wanted to be near her. She warmed their hands when they put an end to the snowball fight and he always kept the school class warm.

One day a new boy came to school. His name was Teo and he was also a special boy. Like Anna, he too had been visited by a fairy as a baby. And from that moment his gaze froze. He could freeze anything he looked at. This is how Teo and Anna became the best friends in the world. They were always together. And together they had a great idea. Anna would build warm glasses for Tim and he would build cold glasses for Anna. A) Yes, with the heat of one and the cold of the other it would compensate his special look and they could be as long as they wanted with the rest of their friends because they would no longer cause problems, neither cold nor hot.

Anna and Teo continued to be great friends. The two had discovered that teamwork makes us better and that for the things that we cannot do there is always someone who can help us.

Check if your child listened to the reading of this short story by some reading comprehension questions. For example, you can help yourself with all these:

1. What was happening to Anna? What problem did he have?

2. Was it really a problem or a virtue?

3. What could Anna do with the look that the other children liked?

4. What other special child came to school?

5. What power did it have?

6. What did Anna and the new boy do to complement their powers?

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