Baby's weight at birth

Baby's weight at birth

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Along the pregnancy, the obstetrician or the specialist who performs the ultrasounds can confirm to the parents the approximate weight that the baby is carrying as it develops during the three trimesters of pregnancy.

Since then, it has been a parental concern: what is the baby's height or weight? A concern that will continue with the birth of the baby and as the baby grows and evolves.

We tell you what it should be the weight of the baby at birth and the causes of being underweight.

When a baby is born one of the first questions we ask ourselves is how much it has weighed. For parents it is very important to know what it is the weight of the baby at birth, but it is also true for pediatricians.

The normal weight of a newborn is between 2500 gr and the 3800-4000 gr, according to gestational age. There are curves called percentiles that help us to place the newborn with respect to other newborns of their sex and gestational age.

Newborns who are born with low birth weight, also called Delayed Intrauterine Growth (IGR) or Low Birth Weight, or Small for Gestational Age (SGA) are at higher risk of having hypoglycemia in the neonatal period. The treatment recommended by pediatricians for them is to carry out glycemic controls after birth and in adulthood control for possible metabolic alterations.

Likewise, children born with a high weight, greater than 3,800 gr, are at greater risk of having hypoglycemia, so we must also control their blood sugar levels in the first hours of life.

Causes of underweight baby They may be:

- Infections.

- Prematurity.

- Maternal smoking.

- Alterations of the placenta.

On the contrary, the high weight of the baby is usually related to alterations in the metabolism carbohydrate from the mother (such as diabetes).

The newborn usually lose weight in the first week of life, it is usually less than 10% of the birth weight. Generally, in a healthy child with adequate nutrition, such as breastfeeding on demand, the birth weight recovers after two weeks of life.

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