The size of the gut in pregnancy has nothing to do with the size of the baby

The size of the gut in pregnancy has nothing to do with the size of the baby

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Some pregnant women have a huge belly in the final stretch of pregnancy, so much so that it defies the laws of gravity, however, others seem to be still in the middle of gestation when they have already come out of accounts, Does the size of the gut matter during pregnancy?, What does the size of the pregnant woman's belly depend on?

About the shape and size of the gut there are several popular tales and beliefs. The grandmothers said that if the belly is round the pregnant woman expects a girl and, if it is pointed, a boy. This statement, which is scientifically rigorous, also affects the size of the gut during pregnancy.

Some say the size of the belly is in line with that of the baby, so if a woman has very little belly, it is possible that her baby is small and vice versa. This statement is also not rigorous. If you think about it, surely you have known women with huge pregnant bellies whose babies were born normal size.

You shouldn't give these urban legends any credibility. In fact, so far no one has recognized the ability to know the sex of the baby just by looking at the belly of a pregnant woman, not even midwives and obstetricians who live with them daily.

Actually the only factors that influence the size of the belly and its shape are:

- The size and shape of the belly is in line with the woman's abs. If the woman has a well defined muscular tone, it is possible that the baby is higher, the abdomen will be more prepared to bear more weight. But, if the abdominal area was flaccid before pregnancy, the belly will tend to be lower.

- It is also related to heightTall, long-waisted women, with a great length between the top of the hip and the bottom of the lower rib, have plenty of room for their baby to grow up. This will tend to make it look like you have less belly because your uterus is not being pushed forward.

- Primiparous or multiparous: If it is your first pregnancy, the belly will take longer to be noticed, however, in seconds and later pregnancies, the muscle tone is not the same, and the belly may look more sagging.

- Women who are pregnant with twins or triplets will have a bigger belly that women who only have one baby in their womb, however, women in their second or third pregnancies can have the same belly as a multiple mother.

- Baby's position: depending on how and where the baby is positioned, it can make the tummy appear bigger or smaller.

- Pregnancy displaces the organsAs the uterus grows, the intestines can be behind it, making your belly look huge and very round. They can also move to the sides of the uterus, making it look like your gut is expanded.

- The amount of amniotic fluid: depending on the week of pregnancy you are in, you can produce a greater amount of aminotic fluid that can alter the shape or size of the belly.

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