16 criticisms of mothers that you have heard many times

16 criticisms of mothers that you have heard many times

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Did you ever do something as a mother that was later harshly criticized? Surely ... many! And it is that sometimes mothers seem to go to war with each other, although in reality we only want to defend our position. But do you know what is most criticized about mothers?

Discover the 16 criticisms of mothers that we hear the most, the most common (although there are surely many more).

What if you have not been involved enough in the education of your child, what if you did not insist enough on breastfeeding, what if you should not carry the baby sitting so small, what if ... How many criticisms have you received or heard throughout your motherhood? Surely you lack the fingers of your hands to count them. Here we collect some of them. Most are sure to sound like:

1. 'You have not insisted enough on breastfeeding': How many mothers have not had to 'endure the downpour' of other mothers who have succeeded in breastfeeding? They do not usually ask what happened and tend to think that it was all for comfort or lack of insistence.

2. 'You should have helped your child to crawl': Many babies do not crawl, and it is not because their parents did not insist or did not help them. And while crawling is very good for a baby's development, those who don't get it are no less smart. There is no reason to criticize a mother or father because their child does not crawl.

3. 'You don't scold him enough': There are always parents who are in favor of harsh education, and parents who opt for a model of positive discipline are often frowned upon. The latter often hear comments similar to this one very often. At other times the phrase is directed to excessively permissive parents. Yes, they may be right in warning of the error of not imposing limits and norms, but it should never come in the form of criticism, but of advice.

4. 'Don't you feed him other things yet?': Surely you have received a lot of criticism on the subject of food. What if it's too early to introduce cereals, or too late to start mixed feeding ... Everyone seems to know what to do. Undoubtedly, a very widespread criticism among mothers' circles.

5. 'So much arm ... you're going to spoil him!': This criticism is usually more common from the older generations towards the younger ones. Even many mothers still think that you should not hold your baby when he cries because ... it spoils him!

6. 'And why isn't your child going to kindergarten yet?': The issue of schooling is also often the focus of constant criticism. Parents choose when to take their child to school, and it is a very personal decision that we must respect.

7. 'You are never home. Poor thing ... ': The stressful life that today's mothers lead makes us spend fewer hours with them. If we add this type of criticism to the feeling of guilt ... the result will be a tremendous blow to the mother.

8. 'Leave work and dedicate yourself to your son': Very typical of previous generations, since most mothers were housewives and lived on a single salary. But life changes, even if we keep hearing this criticism.

9. 'Did you really have your son at home? You put him in danger! ': There are mothers who favor natural childbirth at home, and although it carries risks, it is a personal decision that other mothers must respect.

10. 'Your son is not going to school? What do you learn at home? ': The new trend of 'homeschooling' puts many mothers on the warpath who view this option with horror. But let us remember that the education of the children is the decision of the parents and any position deserves their respect.

11. 'What did you breastfeed until he was 2 years old? That awful!': Just as mothers who could not breastfeed their child feel criticized, those who bet on breastfeeding up to 2 and 3 years, are classified as 'unnatural'. Let's stop criticizing each other among mothers for these reasons.

12. 'You have the baby all day with his caregiver. It looks like her mother ... ': No one should get involved in the organization and life of other mothers, who try to do everything possible to reconcile work and family life. Each family is different and there are more absorbing jobs.

13. 'Pregnant and still running? You put the baby in danger! ': There are sports that are discouraged during pregnancy, but each pregnancy is a world and each pregnant woman knows perfectly what she can or cannot do.

14. 'What are you doing co-sleeping with your son? He will never leave your room ': Another of the great criticisms has to do with the autonomy of the children, and mothers get a lot of criticism, especially on the subject of co-sleeping. While there are supporters, many other mothers see it as a sacrifice of the couple in the face of the demands of the child. You can defend your arguments but remember, without criticizing the mother who bets on the opposite arguments.

15. 'You are never busy enough not to eat a good meal. Do not worry about feeding your child ': What mother does not think about the issue of food? That if you give him too many carbohydrates, that if he is going to get fat ... Without a doubt, another of the great criticisms among mothers.

16. 'Look, let me play with my mobile ... if it is very small!': We are becoming more and more aware of the damage that screens do to children, and many parents sound the alarm when they see that other parents use their mobile, TV or tablet to keep their children calm. In the face of the 'critical' position, we should argue our position, giving the other parents freedom to decide what they want for their child.

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