Halloween makeup for kids

Halloween makeup for kids

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If you have always wanted to give the final touch to your child's costume with an original and very special makeup, in We teach you how to make terrifying makeup for Halloween.

You don't have to be an expert, just follow our step by step, and you can make up your son a vampire, witch, pumpkin, catrina ... They are very simple make-up to do.

Always remember to hydrate the child's skin beforehand, use Hypoallergenic paint and wash his face very well when the party is over. It is very important that you do not forget those little details.

Catrina makeup. The step by step of Catrina's makeup. On our site we teach you how to make a Mexican skull makeup, in a very simple way so that your children can dress up on Halloween.

Pumpkin makeup. If your child likes to dress up, Halloween is a unique occasion for him to be able to. On our site we teach you how to create a pumpkin makeup very simply and quickly with which your child will be the most original of the party.

Dracula makeup. A vampire makeup, in photos and video for parents to learn how to make up their children. our site teaches you how to make a Count Dracula makeup step by step. Makeups for Halloween, Carnival and other parties.

Witch makeup. Children love to dress up for Halloween or Carnival. So that your costume does not lack any detail, on our site we teach you how to make a witch makeup in a very simple way. We propose you an easy and simple makeup to do for children.

Spider makeup. If your children love to dress up and have you paint the faces of different characters, we have prepared this video for you to see the step by step of how to make a fantasy spider makeup in a simple way. We also give you some recommendations on the type of paint.

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