Easy recipes for All Saints Day

Easy recipes for All Saints Day

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In many countries of the world the day November 1st is marked on the calendar. All Saints' Day is celebrated, in which families honor and remember their deceased loved ones.

Around this day there are multiple traditions, one of them is culinary, so there are typical sweets of this day: wind fritters, saint's bones, empiñonadas or pan de muerto.

TheFritters they are a smooth and delicious dessert. They receive the name because in the past they were not filled with anything, but over the years, they were filled with creams of different flavors.

Thesteep or panelletsThey are a typical Catalan sweet and are made of sugar, pine nuts, lemon and egg.

TheBones of saints It is a marzipan candy filled with yolk and has an elongated shape, similar to that of a bone.

Thedead bread It is a very popular and typical Mexican recipe that is usually eaten in the first days of November.

In We offer you some delicious recipes, typical of All Saints' Day so that you can prepare them at home.

Fritters. Homemade wind fritters. our site offers you a traditional and homemade recipe of delicious wind fritters for children. Buñuelos de viento are fried dumplings covered in sugar and cinnamon. They are ideal for a family snack and breakfast.

Bones of saints. Holy bones recipe for All Saints' Day. This exquisite and traditional dessert is made of almond paste or marzipan, white in color and elongated and cylindrical in shape. our site offers you a very easy recipe to prepare with children.

Stubborn. The empiñonadas or panellets are a very good recipe to cook with children, simple and sweet, they will love their crunchy texture. Ideal recipe for All Saints' Day.

Bread of the dead. Learn how to make the recipe for pan de muerto for All Saints' Day. It is a typical Mexican sweet that is eaten in the first days of November. A sweet that children will like very much. Traditional Mexican recipe to celebrate the day of the dead or the day of the dead.

Roasted chestnuts. Baked chestnuts for children. It is a dried fruit that can be given to children for a snack, for dessert or as an accompaniment to a special dish that we cook. Today we are going to cook them roasted in the oven.

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