What to give to parents according to their tastes to get it 100% right

What to give to parents according to their tastes to get it 100% right

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Children love to receive gifts, but they also love to give them to loved ones. A nice detail is a way to say thank you, to recognize what others do for you, to get a smile ... A gesture full of enthusiasm and affection! However, it is not always easy to get it right, so in we have compiled a list with many options. We help you decide what to give parents according to their tastes, his preferences, his way of being ... Tell us what the father of the family is like and we will tell you which gift he is going to like the most.

All these gifts are perfect for any occasion: for his birthday, for Father's Day, for his saint ... or for any day you want to give him a little surprise!

The key to hit the dad's gift is thinking about what you like the most. It seems obvious, however, we don't always do it before deciding what to give away. Let's put ourselves in their shoes and think about something that they would really like to have or that they would be excited to receive. To help you, we have classified parents according to their tastes.

If your father likes to eat

Almost any parent is won over through the belly. Therefore, the best gift that can be given to a gluttonous father, who enjoys eating a lot, is a good plate of the food that he likes the most. Find an original recipe that contains your favorite ingredients. We give you some options for a menu for your father.

- Tuna and vegetable lasagna
A traditional dish that we have given a spin to to make it more original. We propose you a delicious lasagna with tuna and vegetables that young and old will enjoy. By the way, did you know that tuna contains vitamins A and D, phosphorus, potassium and iron?

- Pizza with a face for dad
Who doesn't like pizzas! This is a very simple recipe to make and that you can completely adapt to the tastes of the father of the family. You just have to choose ingredients with which you can form a face on the pizza. You will see what a surprise!

- Fondant cookie with tie
If your father is one of those who wear a tie to work every day, this cookie will be very funny. Although it seems complicated to prepare, it is actually quite simple. He will love your detail.

If your dad likes the movies

Some dads are true fans of art. For all of them, the best gift will be to go to the cinema to see a movie with your children, since he will be able to unite two of his passions: the movies and his family. If you don't want to spend money or you think it is more comfortable to stay at home, you can prepare a family movie session.

There are many feature films that you can see, however, we suggest that you choose one film that transmits positive values ​​to children. This is the case, for example, of the Dumbo movie, which teaches us that we can achieve anything, or that of Coco, which proposes an adventure that talks about the importance of friendship and family.

By the way, don't forget to make some delicious popcorn!

If your father likes details made with love

Many parents (surely most) value more gifts made with love than those that have cost a fortune. All of them will love that their children make a craft dedicated to them. The possibilities are almost endless, but here we highlight some of the most beautiful.

- Cardboard table football to play together
There is no better gift than the one that can be enjoyed as a family. For this reason, we suggest that you give the father of the family this fun table football made of cardboard. You will spend incredible family moments. Who will win the most games?

- A homemade lava lamp to blow Dad away
This lava lamp is awesome, right? It's so easy to make that it's a perfect impromptu gift for any day of the year. You only need oil, effervescent tablets, water and little else. It's sooooo relaxing to watch the bubbles rise and fall.

- Homemade pencil holder for a good father
This is the ideal gift for the most clueless and disorderly parents. At last you can have all the pens and pencils neatly arranged on your desk. And every time they look at the pencil holder they will remember their little ones.

If your father likes to read

It is clear that a good gift for any reading parent it's a book. However, we can always go a little further and give you something more original related to literature. Take note of the ideas that we propose below:

- Recite a poem with a lot of heart
Choose as a family a poem dedicated to parents, learn it by heart and recite it to them when they least expect it. You can even make up a melody or use your favorite song as the basis for your poem.

- Stories to read as a family
How important it is to have good times as a family! An ideal activity to do every day with Dad is to read some family stories. It is a beautiful way to reinforce the family bond while the little ones know stories of values.

- A nice bookmark
A father who reads a lot will get a lot out of a bookmark made by his own family. You can choose a photo of you, a drawing of the children, a written message that you want to send ... He will love it!

If your dad likes sports

Running, soccer, basketball, dancing ... If your father loves to play sports, the gift you give him can also be oriented to the discipline he likes the most: a shirt, sneakers, a ball ...

But if you really want to be 100% correct and be original, you have to organize a gymkhana at home or in the park. Both dad and the children will have a great time with this activity full of tests, riddles, mysteries and clues to solve. At the end of all the tests, he will be waiting for the gift that you have decided to give to dad. It will be very fun!

On the other hand, if what you like is dancing, you can remove all the furniture from the living room, put on lively music and enjoy a good family dancing session. You can even invent a choreography that becomes the 'traditional dance' of the family.

If your father likes the emotional

And finally, we are going to stop at the most emotional and sensitive parents. As you can imagine, the best gift for them is spend quality time with your family. You can organize an afternoon of board games, a hug and kiss fight, a beautiful phrase contest, a pillow fight ... Anything that serves to build beautiful memories for the future is a good gift.

Let your imagination run wild ... and make a good gift for Dad!

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