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Foods that boost children's intelligence

Foods that boost children's intelligence

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There are no miracle foods, but it is true that there are some foods that, due to their properties, can enhance children's intelligence and they are essential for a good brain development of our children. Let's review all of them and ... don't forget to include them in your weekly diets so that they have a good academic performance!

Although a healthy and balanced diet is ideal for both adults and children, during pregnancy and in childhood it is even more important if possible. The correct development of the fetus depends largely on the nutrients provided by the mother through her diet. and, during childhood, the high growth rate requires a specific nutritional contribution so that all organs move in the desired direction.

In particular, brain development is one of those that concerns parents most both during intrauterine growth and during childhood and in fact, some foods contain nutrients or ingredients that, either by themselves or by their particular metabolism, stimulate or enhance the Neural circuitry and / or memory or help the development of the brain itself, so including them in the diet can be interesting.

He cholesterol, For example, it plays a critical role in the nervous system, improving learning and memory, and its contribution is of immense value for children of school and pre-school age, as well as during early childhood. During pregnancy, cholesterol and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are key in the second trimester of pregnancy, since the development of the fetus is focused on brain development, and these essential fatty acids are essential to establish neuronal connections, whose quality will determine the functioning of the child's brain.

Another mineral that increases its importance during pregnancy is phosphorus, one of the most abundant in the body, necessary for the proper functioning of neurons and cells in general, but whose deficiency in pregnancy is related to a decrease in the baby's cognitive ability.

He iodine is another of the micronutrients that is related to memory and that, when its contribution is deficient, can cause symptoms such as mental confusion and learning problems, while potassium it is related to fast neural connections, just what we are looking for to enhance the intelligence of our children.

He iron and zincAlthough they are not directly related to intelligence, they do cause lack of attention and difficulties in concentrating when their contribution to the diet is scarce, so they should not be missing if we want our little ones to use their intellectual capacities to the maximum.

On the other hand, one of the basic needs for good brain performance, as well as for all the organs of the body is hydration, so Water it is vital in every way, and, in this case, it is crucial for the brain to function normally, especially in stressful situations or those that require greater concentration.

The nuts They are one of the foods that have a higher concentration of nutrients related to the brain or memory. Thanks to its content of unsaturated fatty acids and trace elements, they are ideal for enhancing intelligence.

Also, the fish not far behind, with amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids proportional to their fat content, oily fish are ideal for feeding the brain of our little ones.

He egg It is another of the most interesting foods to feed the intelligence of children, since it contains choline, a substance related to an improvement in brain activity, an efficient concentration and above all, with the active maintenance of memory. In addition, it also provides phospholipids, involved in neuronal transmissions and therefore necessary to promote learning.

He banana It is, among fruits and vegetables, the most indicated food, since it contains, in addition to fructose to feed the brain, a mineral highly sought after for concentration and the reactions that occur in the brain, potassium.

In addition to these foods, there are substances known as stimulants or brain stimulants, which are responsible for keeping the mind awake. Although caffeine tops this list in adulthood, cocoa is the most consumed natural stimulant in childhood. While it helps to maintain and optimize concentration, you must ensure that it is as pure as possible, as it is a double-edged sword. Combined with sugars, cocoa can achieve the opposite effect, extreme agitation and inattention.

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