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The effective safe corner technique to reduce stress in children

The effective safe corner technique to reduce stress in children

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Have you ever heard of the safe corner technique? It is a method used to reduce children's stress. Next we will see how we can start it and what are its benefits. We also analyze some relaxation methods to do in that safe corner free of stimuli and that are of great help to calm the nerves of the smallest of the house. We started!

There are many and varied things that can cause stress in children: homework, extracurricular activities that they have to attend every day of the week, the excessive use of new technologies, the parents' own stress that we transmit to children without realizing it or common problems that can occur at school or at home. How can we parents help them remove stress from their lives or at least to reduce it as much as possible?

1. We must try to know what is the cause of this stress:homework, after-school activities or even if there is something that worries them, such as having argued with their best friend and that causes low self-esteem. At the behavioral level, it is common for some changes in their behavior to occur: they are more nervous, irritable or excess movement is noticeable. But there can also be some changes in sleep behaviors: they do not want to go to sleep or they have nocturnal awakenings that they did not have before. The symptoms they present are what give us the keys to see how we can act.

2. Second, the necessary mechanisms must be put within their reach so that they themselves know how to identify that stress or anxiety and can gradually treat it with the help of their parents.

3. And third, prepare them at home a safe corner free from stimuli.

As √örsula Perona, child psychologist and disseminator, has taught us, the safe corner can be very useful for children know how to stop that feeling of stress or overwhelm in time.

How can we make a corner at home for our children? Very simple, as the name suggests, you have to find a stimulus-free corner at home that provides security, peace and tranquility. For example, your tent, a cloth hut ... And put inside one or two toys that give you attachment such as your favorite stuffed animal, a puzzle, a book, the blanket with which they go to sleep or some helmets if you like listen to music. That will be their safe place to go when they are nervous or distressed. So they come out of the situation that causes them stress.

If they are older children, you can explain how their safe corner helps them and they can be invited to choose the things they want to put inside. What we achieve with the safe corner technique, in addition to reducing stress, is provide children with a moment of disconnection in which they can stop, think and be themselves.

Once the child you know that you can go to your safe corner whenever you need it, You can go a step further and show him some relaxation techniques, the same ones that he will be able to use if he sees that, for example, that he is nervous in class before the exam or because he has had an afternoon full of homework. As you already know, there are many and very effective relaxation methods and techniques, we propose these to you, show them to your child and let him choose the one he likes the most.

- Breathe consciously to relax
It is about counting to ten, taking air through your nose and slowly releasing it through your mouth as if you were blowing through a straw. By being focused on the breath, the attention moves away from what we are concerned about.

- Muscle relaxation
It consists of contracting the muscles, for example of the legs, and then releasing them calmly as if it were a Pilates exercise. It is ideal for calming the body and mind.

- Evoke images or places that bring us beautiful memories
Surely your child has more than one place he loves to go: the beach in summer, the grandparents' house, the road that he knows takes him to the mountains on Sundays ... Well, when there is an episode of stress or anxiety , these places must be evoked, thinking about them will change the mood.

Ready to prepare the safe corner for your children? Ahead!

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