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Saint Rachel's Day, September 2. Names for girls

Saint Rachel's Day, September 2. Names for girls

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Rachel is one of the best known names of Hebrew origin. If you already know that the baby you are expecting is a girl, this may be a very suitable name for your baby. Raquel is a name for a girl that has managed to maintain its popularity over the years because it combines originality and tradition like no one else. This precious name celebrates its name day is September 2, which is the day of saint raquel. If you want to put a name that, in addition to sounding beautiful, has a religious meaning and that your daughter feels proud of the name they gave her, Raquel is a good option. Here you will find all the information and curiosities about this name and many others.

Raquel is a feminine name of Hebrew origin (Rachel), which means 'sheep or lamb', animals that symbolize purity, so it is a name that can be perfect for your baby.

Metaphorically speaking, Raquel corresponds to a calm, meek and sweet woman. The name Raquel is known throughout the world with some variations thanks to biblical tradition, since the first woman we meet with this name comes from the Old Testament, the wife of Jacob and the mother of Saint Joseph and Benjamin. Rachel was the youngest daughter of Laban, Leah's little sister who was also Jacob's wife, she is mentioned for the first time in the Genesis of the Bible.

According to the sacred scriptures, Jacob falls in love with Rachel when he sees her leaning over a well. In order to marry her, Jacob worked as a shepherd for 7 years for Laban (Rachel's father) and thus pay the dowry of his intended. But Laban deceived him and, instead of Rachel, he gave him his other daughter, Lia, having to work for 7 more years to get Rachel as a wife. After many years of marriage and Raquel believing herself sterile, she gives birth to José. Rachel dies in the company of Jacob on the way to Errata, giving birth to Benjamin, Jacob's youngest son.

Among the best known variants of the name Raquel are:

  • Rachel
  • Rachelle
  • Raakel
  • Rachael
  • Rae
  • Rael
  • Rakel
  • Rashel

Within the artistic and fashion world we can find many women who bear this name. For example, we have to highlight the actress Raquel welch or the painter Rachel Forner, or yet Raquel hunter, a New Zealand model and actress.

If we look at other fields, the number of women who have carried and carry the name Raquel may help you to choose the name of your baby. And we can start with the unforgettable fictional character, Rachel, from the television series 'Friends', starring Jennifer Aniston that marked a before and after in television history.

In Spain, we also meet numerous women of flesh and blood, real and charismatic women who bear the name of your daughter, such as the singer Raquel del Rosario, the television presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva or the television collaborator, Raquel Bollo.

Discover how to say Raquel in various languages ​​such as English, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, and many others:

  • German: Rachel
  • Catalan: Raquel
  • Slovak: Rachel
  • French: Rachel
  • Hungarian: Rachel
  • English: Rachel, Rachelle, Ray
  • Italian: Rachele
  • Polish: Rahee
  • Portuguese: Raquel
  • Russian: Rakhil, Rakhila, Rashel

Because of the meaning of her name, Raquel has a charismatic personality full of energy and vitality. Raquel triumphs in social relationships for her honesty, but also for her sympathy and wit. In addition, Raquel has a great sense of responsibility that is noticeable both in her work and in her family.

One of the characteristics observed in women with these names is their independence. These are women who do not like to depend on other people to achieve their purposes. They love to feel and think freely.

Another strong characteristic in women with the name Raquel is their imagination and creativity, for which they often impress the people around them. They are attracted to research and design, and have a strong character so that they do not care what others say or think of her.

In numerology, the name Raquel is equivalent to the number 5. What does that say about girls with this name? Well, her personality is charismatic and inspiring. That they were born to achieve freedom and that for this they need discipline and inner freedom.

He is a restless, intelligent spirit with great artistic ability. Symbol of freedom, independence, and that he likes new experiences and adventures. He numerology number 5 speaks of a sociable person, with quick and effective reasoning, and who is attracted to the unknown, the mysterious, different and strange. It is also the number of magic and fortune.

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