7 games to break the ice with children on the first day of school

7 games to break the ice with children on the first day of school

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For everyone, going back to school is an exciting and stressful situation in itself; full of anxieties, both for parents, and for students and teachers. For the same reason, so that it is not something that generates some negative feeling or another, I would like to offer you as a teacher some games that will help you break the ice with the children on the first day of school. In addition, these activities serve to make going back to school a simple, pleasant meeting that allows you to create a bond with your students.

Here are some games that can help teachers to start the course on the right foot with their little ones. These are all entertaining activities, which helps the children feel less nervous on the first day of the course, but also helps them get to know the students better. They can be adapted so that they can be performed with children of different ages.

1. 'My name is ... and I like ...'
This first game is great to know a little more about the students and that they get to know each other, in the case that there are children who have just come to class. The teacher starts by introducing himself with his name and something he loves to do. For example: 'My name is Jorge and I like football and Star Wars movies.' Then, one by one, the young people will come out and pray the same prayer. For example: 'I'm José and I like cars and robots'; 'I'm Agustín and I like pizza and everything about Marvel.' After everyone is done, start the game by asking randomly about a partner's name and what things they like to do.

2. I say my name
New students generally do not know each other. For this reason, it is good to carry out one or another dynamic to break the ice and allow the knowledge with their companions. The game is organized alphabetically or by size. As in the previous game, the head teacher begins by introducing himself. Standing in the middle of the patio or in the classroom, he says: 'My name is Jorge' and he accompanies his words with an action that produces laughter among the students (a jump with the legs spread, a movement of the arms or a striking gesture, etc. .). Next, it is the turn of each student according to the order and performs the same action. In the end, as in the previous game, the test is to ask each one to imitate the gesture made by one of their teammates.

3. What animal do I have?
Ten students are selected and a picture of an animal is placed on their backs. They don't know what it is and must try to guess by asking their classmates questions. Example: Does it have four legs? Flying? Nothing? Lives in the sea? Does it lay eggs? This game is very fun, even for older students, allowing classes to start with a more relaxed atmosphere and a better disposition of the little ones.

4. What's in the box?
In a box many things of the class will be put. They can be pencils, cases, sheets, glue, tempera, the same agenda in the room, scissors, etc. It even invites the children to keep adding things. A child is called in and asked to look closely at all the objects. Then the box is closed and asked, 'Can you tell what's inside this box?' We take note of how many things you can remember. It is done with the entire course and whoever manages to accumulate the most score wins.

5. The detective
This game is great for the first day of school. The children sit down and form a circle. You have to choose one of them, who must be the detective, who must observe each of his companions and must notice how they are dressed. The teacher, after a while, covers his eyes and then a child will move. The detective is tasked with identifying who has moved from his place. If he is right, he can continue, but if he is wrong, the one who moved will take his place. This can be varied by changing some of your clothes, putting on a hat, or changing shoes.

6. What does it sound like?
With the mobile we record the children's conversations. You are calling one by one so that he can identify the voices of his companions. You can vary by recording sounds from the street or from your house. Who will be able to guess the most sounds?

7. Touch games
In a box, put some of these products: cotton, plasticine, sandpaper, leather ball, a dice, blocks, breadcrumbs, French fries, whatever. The children, thanks to the touch, putting their hand in the box must take out the object that the rest of their classmates ask for, giving it the characteristics they want.

These are some examples. The ultimate goal of all these activities is precisely that the students, but also the teachers, feel comfortable. In addition, everyone will be able to get to know each other better and create a pleasant bond. Remember that school is more than just academic learning, it is one of the first spaces where we can live in society.

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