Lullabies for babies and children

Lullabies for babies and children

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Selection of lullabies for you to sing to your children when they go to sleep. We present you 12 videos of nursery rhymes to put children and babies to sleep, in a very sweet and calm way. Videos with lullabies so that your children have happy dreams.

The lullabies and lullabies they have always been the method of choice for parents to try to get their children to sleep and rest. Take advantage of this list of songs to sing to your children when they go to bed to sleep.

The child who lives in contact with music learns to live better with other children, establishing a more harmonious communication. At this age they love music. It gives them emotional security, trust, because they feel understood when sharing songs.

Different studies have shown the power that music has on future newborns, since babies can remember the melodies they have heard within the womb, at least for the first year, and associate the melody with a period of peace and quiet.

When you have to put your baby to sleep, choose one of our lullaby videos and play it for him to relax with the beautiful pictures and soothing sound.

From the womb, babies can enjoy lullabies. Research reveals that when the mother sings a lullaby to her baby, during pregnancy, or when she rocks him to sleep, she will be generating great benefits such as:

1. Stimulates maternal bond and attachment

2. Improved language development. Babies who listen to songs in their early stages develop language skills better.

3. Music helps baby develop motor and social skills.

4. Songs relax and soothe babies and help them sleep better.

5. Helps calm the baby and child, improving their mood.

6. Provides security and confidence to children.

To sing to your baby you do not need to have a fine or perfect voice. Just hum a song or lullaby and combine it with a massage or just a sweetheart, and your baby will fall asleep quickly.

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