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Day of Santo Sergio, October 8. Names for boys

Day of Santo Sergio, October 8. Names for boys

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Although its origin seems somewhat uncertain, it is often said that Sergio is a name for a boy of Etruscan origin that means 'the guardian'. It is a very popular name for its sound and forcefulness, so it can be perfect for your child. Nowadays it is a frequent name that is liked for its traditional flavor and the touch of distinction it brings. Celebrate your name day, among other dates, October 8, which is the day of Santo Sergio.

Sergio is a very special name that many parents choose for their baby. His saints are celebrated on different days, although some parents have chosen October 8 to honor their little ones. There are other saints with whom they share a nickname. For example, Sergius of Caesarea or Cappadocia whose feast day is February 24. We can also highlight September 25 in honor of Sergio de Rádonezh, a popular Russian monk. The monks Herman and Sergius of Valaam celebrate their special day on July 11.

And what more saints are celebrated in October? In the following list you can consult the saints with the most important dates:

  • October 2, Santo Ángel, day dedicated to the guardian angels
  • October 4, Saint Francis of Assisi
  • October 11, Our Lady of Begoña
  • October 12, Day of the Virgin of Pilar
  • October 13, Santo Eduardo
  • October 15, Santa Teresa
  • October 17, Santa Celia
  • October 18, San Lucas
  • October 19, Santo Joel
  • October 20, Santa Irene
  • October 23, Saint Leonardo
  • October 31, Santo Alonso

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The name Sergio is known throughout the world with hardly any variations thanks to the Latin tradition. We especially like its variant in Catalan Sergi, which reminds us of a large number of athletes. But no less attractive is the Russian Sergei, with enormous aristocratic connotations.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby the number of popular characters that have taken and carry the name Sergio. This is the case of a good number of footballers such as Sergio Ramos, Sergio Canales or Sergio Busquets. And we cannot forget the former tennis player Sergi Bruguera.

But Sergio is fundamentally an artist name. Thus, we meet the Italian film director Sergio Leone, famous for his western spaghetti like 'For a handful of dollars' or the Spanish actor Sergio Peris Mencheta. Although if someone has made your son's name popular, it is the singer Sergio Dalma.

Have you ever calculated what number corresponds to your son according to his name? Numerology establishes a series of common traits for those who have the same number. This figure is found from the sum of the numbers that are assigned to each letter according to its position in the alphabet.

In the case of Sergio's name, his number is 1. As proposed by numerology, the children who bear this name they are great leaders. People follow them thanks to their arguments (which they know how to lead perfectly) and thanks to their charismatic personality. When you meet a Sergio, you just like him from the start.

The number 1 children They tend to have a lot of initiative, in addition to being very creative. For this reason, they are usually highly valued in their environment. To reinforce their personality and abilities, parents must educate them in such important values ​​as generosity, kindness or compassion.

If you are reading this article, maybe when your son was born you chose this name for him, and now you want to know more about his saints. However, there are parents who may still be deciding what to call their future child, and Sergio is one of the options they are considering. If this second is your case, you will surely like to know some names made up of Sergio that could inspire you. Take a look at the following list.

- Sergio Jose
José is one of the best options when it comes to forming name combinations. Besides being a short name that, therefore, looks good next to any other nickname, it is a traditional name that is part of the history of many families. Surely you already know that it is a Hebrew name that means 'add'.

- Sergio Jesus
Jesus is the favorite name of many Christian parents, for obvious reasons. But it is also that, by joining him to Sergio, we obtain a beautiful compound name for any little baby that is about to be born. It is a Hebrew name that means 'Yahweh is the savior'.

- Luis Sergio
Luis is a name of German origin that means 'person enlightened in battle'. You may have heard this combination of names as Luis Sergio or Sergio Luis, as both are popular.

- Sergio Daniel
Daniel has been a very popular name for many decades, due to its beautiful biblical meaning: 'God is justice'. However, it seems that for some years it has been living its maximum moment of glory. And it is that many parents choose it to call their babies.

- Sergio Andres
And, finally, we propose a name made up of Sergio that many parents lean towards: Sergio Andrés. In this case, we want to highlight how beautiful it sounds when pronounced. It conveys elegance and bearing, right? Andrés is a name of Greek origin that means 'brave man'.

And if you have the name Sergio in mind for that baby of yours who is about to be born, you might like these other names for boys that also begin with S. We have accompanied them by their meaning and origin so that choosing one or the other is easier.

- Samuel
This name, beautiful where they exist, is of Hebrew origin and means 'heard by God'. Many of the children who bear this name prefer to be called by their diminutive, which is Samu.

- Saul
We are before another of the most beautiful Hebrew names: Saúl. Its meaning is 'called'. Without a doubt, a short and very forceful option.

- Sebastian
If you are one of those who prefer long names, because they convey more elegance, what do you think of Sebastián? It is a Greek name that means 'venerable'.

- Simon
It is true that this name is not the order of the day, since it is not too frequent today. What is undeniable is that it transmits a great tradition and significance. Simon comes from Hebrew and means 'He who listens'.

- Santiago
And to finish this list of beautiful baby names that begin with S, we collect a name with a lot of tradition in countries like Spain. Santiago is a Latin name that means 'Supplanter'. Did you know that Santiago is the patron saint of Spain?

After knowing all the curiosities related to the children's name Santiago, the date of his saint and other similar name options, are you clear about what you want to call your baby?

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