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Saint Luke's Day, October 18. Names for boys

Saint Luke's Day, October 18. Names for boys

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Lucas is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'luminous'. Thus, it is a name of exceptional beauty of meaning that can be perfect for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, in recent times it has been gaining popularity for its simplicity and the touch of distinction it brings. Celebrate your name day October 18, which is the day of San Lucas.

Because of the meaning of his name, Lucas has a special and charismatic personality, that makes you a very attractive person. His success in social relationships is based on his friendliness and kindness, but also on his wit and intelligence. Also, Lucas has a great sense of responsibility and is not afraid of commitment.

The name Lucas is known throughout the world with some variations thanks to the latin tradition. We like its variant in Catalan, Lluc, although its best known version is the English Luke. However, the variant that is most attractive to us is the Italian Luca, a name that will soon be placed on the list of the most frequent.

The number of movie references we find for Lucas may help you choose your baby's name. The little ones love the childhood character of Daffy Duck, while those who are not so young enjoy the adventures of the Star Wars protagonist, Luke Skywalker, a character that, by the way, was created by George Lucas.

And we meet a few other characters named Lucas, such as the baroque painters Lucas Jordán or Lucas Valdés. By way of curiosity, LUCA is the acronym in English that refers to the last universal common ancestor.

But perhaps the most recognized of all is that Luke was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, disciple of Pablo Tarso and one of the four evangelists, hence it is a name with great biblical and religious tradition.

From the first moment, Lucas, a doctor born in Turkish lands, was one of the followers of Jesus and many consider that his New Testament texts are the best written, refined and documented. Educated in the Greek tradition, it took time to become a Christian. The story goes that he became after meeting Mary, the mother of Jesus, on a journey he made with Paul.

Even today everything that surrounds the death of this saint is unknown. The only thing that has been established is that it occurred after that of Pablo and Pedro and that he was martyred and that he asked to be buried with the picture of the carved image of 'Our Lady', which he himself would do years ago.

Do you want to know the list of saints that are also celebrated this October 18? Take good note of the saints!

  • San Amable de Rio
  • Saint Asclepiades of Antioch
  • Saint Monon of Nassogne
  • Blessed Fidel Fuidio Rodríguez

And, about saints, we also have to tell you something else. In addition to celebrating Saint Luke on October 18, there are other dates throughout the year where this onomastic is celebrated.

  • January 13th
  • April 22
  • May 30
  • September, 10th
  • September 19th
  • September 30th

Impossible to forget to congratulate your son, friend or father named like that.

Any name you choose for your child will be special to you, simply because it came from your heart. Whatever your proposal, it will influence the personality of the little one because that name hides a digit that will accompany him and help him to forge his character. Do you know which one corresponds to Lucas? The 1!

Positive traits
The children so called are born leaders and, therefore, people who monopolize a lot of prominence. They will always want to be in the front line and will do everything possible to achieve this, for example, they will do their best to be number 1 in class. This can sometimes become an obsession, so it will be the parents' job to make him understand that nothing happens if he stays in second position.

Negative traits
They rarely do not achieve, but with effort and dedication, everything they want. But what happens when things don't go the way they expected or wanted? They get angry, throw a tantrum, and most of all, they get frustrated. It is difficult to console but you have to teach them that in life you win, but there is also the option of defeat.

If one of the things you like the most about this name is that it begins with the letter L, here we bring you other options that also begin with this consonant and we explain its origin and meaning.

- Luis
Used by kings and famous people, it is a name with a lot of history. Of Germanic origin that has been derived in more Latin terms with the meanings of Ludovico and Ludwig.

- Liberto
'Slave who has received freedom' is the meaning of this name that comes from Ancient Rome. It became popular thanks to the actor Liberto Rabal, grandson of the late Paco Rabal.

- Lolo
It is in a colloquial way or a diminutive from a name with a lot of history and personality: Manuel. It comes from the words Emmanu and El and means 'God is with us'.

- Leo
They have only three words and it is, together with Teo or Ana, one of the shortest names that exist. It comes from a lion and is related to strong and brave people. Celebrate your saint on June 30.

- Luján
Although it was initially used for the female sex, more and more parents are expecting a male who opt for this Spanish name. Did you know that there is a city called Luján both in Buenos Aries (Argentina) and in Huesca (Spain)?

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