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Short sayings for kids

Short sayings for kids

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The sayings are popular sayings that are part of the folklore and culture of a country. Usually they are accompanied by a rhyme and all have a meaning as advice to take into account in life.

Sayings can help children to get to know the world through the messages conveyed by sayings of our ancestors, as they speak of customs, traditions, and the experiences of a people.

In Guiainfantil We want children to learn these forms of popular wisdom so that they know a little more about the roots and origins of their origin.

So we've put together some great proverbs for kids below. They will love them!

- At ten, in bed you are
Children have to go to bed early to go to school rested.

- Loose lips sink ships
At certain times it is better to be quiet before you screw up.

- Shoe rack to your shoes
You don't have to go where they don't call you.

- Empty belly, has no joy
Eating well things look differently.

- April, thousand waters
April is a month with a lot of rains.

- After the milk, do nothing
After drinking milk it is better not to drink anything else to avoid cutting yourself.

- Whoever has a mouth makes mistakes
Do not be afraid to say something wrong.

- He who chops garlic eats
The person who gets angry has two options: either to be relaxed or to remain angry.

- Like father Like Son
Children often resemble their parents.

- Who gets up early, God helps
Every effort has its rewards.

- Who have a friend, have a treasure
Friendship is very important and we must learn to take care of it and value it.

- Barking dog, little biter
People with a lot soon are usually the most harmless.

- A gift horse, do not look at the teeth
The important thing about gifts is their sentimental value.

- Silence is consent
Sometimes the one who is silent is because he is hiding something.

- Asking you arrive in Rome
When you don't know something, it is best to ask.

- At bad times, good face
You always have to be positive in the face of adversity.

- Whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up
You don't have to be greedy. It is better to take care of and maintain what one has.

- Better skill than strength
In life it is more important to be cunning than strong.

- Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today
Laziness is not the best company in life.

The origin of the sayings is in the experiences of our ancestors, in their experiences and experiences, and that were later transmitted through short phrases, sometimes with rhymes, from generation to generation, orally, as a consequence of the great illiteracy that there was in society.

Sayings are little treasures with which children can learn traditions from the past and a good resource to stimulate reading, both at home and at school.

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